Fresh Year, Fresh Start

fresh year, fresh start

With every new year comes a clean slate, a way to reset, revive, and refresh your commitment to yourself.  You get to direct your energy toward something new, focus on your mental or physical health, recommit to your job or your side hustle, travel to a new place, redecorate, run a marathon… any area that you want to pay more attention to, 2018 is a fresh opportunity to do that. Viva la new year!

While I can’t do much for your side hustle, I can help with your health goals.  Whether you’re looking for a little wellness reboot or need more of a nutrition revamp, we got your back with individualized meal plans, customized grocery lists, dietitian-approved recipes, healthy ways to navigate traveling and socializing, plus our unlimited support.  Book an appointment by February 15th and receive 15% off your initial consultation.  For more information or to schedule an appointment email or call (646) 618-5731.


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