Foods that Fight Colds and Boost Immunity

foods that fight colds and boost immunity

Your immune system’s ultimate squad.

These 5 foods that fight off colds and boost immunity will have you feeling good all year long.  Whether you are prone to colds or these rapid weather shifts have you feeling less than stellar, you can help boost you immunity and keep it strong with what you eat.  Instead of double-dosing on medicine after you are already curled up in bed with a box of tissues, work these cold-fighting superfoods into your daily routine and feel that immunity strengthen.

  1. Eggs are a good source of zinc and zinc deficiences have been shown to make immune cells less responsive.  You can work eggs into your day for breakfast or have 1-2 hardboiled as a snack.  Other foods that are high in zinc are shrimp and oysters, so feel free to get that selfish groove on throughout the week.
  2. Sweet Potatoes are high in vitamin A, which stimulates antibodies and fights infections.  Additionally some studies have shown that vitamin A can also boost T-cells, the immune system’s front line soldiers that control inflammation.  Baked or roasted, they make a great side dish to any meal.  Bell Peppers are also an excellent source of vitamin A, so get eat these guys on a daily basis too!
  3. Garlic may not be the best for getting up close and personal, but it has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties thanks to it’s key compound called allium sativum.  Work it into your salad dressings and use it with some olive oil to sauté those veggies.
  4. Brazil Nuts are loaded in selenium, a powerful antioxidant that is needed for every aspect of your immune system.  One nut a day is all you need to meet your selenium needs, so chop it up and add it to this hot breakfast quinoa, use it as a topping on your salad or eat it whole on it’s own.  Other great sources of selenium include tuna, salmon, and sardines.
  5. Mushrooms are an immunity super-booster because they reduce levels of inflammatory proteins in the body, while at the same time boosting those T-cells.  They are also a good source of that selenium our immune system needs so much.  Add some shiitake mushrooms to your stir-fry or mix them into your salads.

Already have a cold?

Try working in these helpers to knock that cold out of you fast.

Cherries naturally increase your levels of melatonin, helping you to get some some much needed sleep so your body can heal.  Eat them fresh when in season, or toss a few dried or frozen ones into your morning oatmeal to reap the sleepy benefits.  Peppermint can dislodge that build of icky phlegm and mucus that always creeps up on us when we’re sick.  Drink peppermint tea or chew on the leaves directly.  Honey can sooth scratchy sore throat from all that coughing.  Use it in your tea, in your greek yogurt, or drizzle a little on a  piece of whole wheat that with some sprinkled cinnamon for a snack.



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