Currently Craving Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter

pumpkin spice peanut butter
The pumpkin spice snack you need immediately!

It is the season of pumpkin flavored everything and I totally love it.  But finding an item that isn’t high in sugar is tricky.  That is why I am currently craving this Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter from Buff Bake.  It is packed with protein at 11 grams per serving, while only having 5 grams of sugar (pro tip: with all packaged foods you want to keep sugar down to 5 grams or less per serving.)  With no added salt and 4 grams of fiber, it is a healthy season staple to add to your pantry.

The pumpkin spice flavor is rich but not over powering and does it get any better than combining pumpkin and peanut butter?!  A true Fall winner, I use it as the nut butter for my breakfast toasts, I’ll mix some into my oatmeal or plain Greek yogurt, and have it with some fiber crackers or a sliced apple for a snack.  You can also use it as the filling for these dark chocolate pumpkin spice cups! But any way you have it, you will love it. #currentlycraving


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