Currently Craving UnReal Candy

unreal candy
Halloween ready! It is the time of year where candy is everywhere and in the spirit of Halloween, I am currently craving UnReal Candy.  It is the ultimate in better-for-you-candy options, giving you and your kids a lot more treat with less trick. But, WTF is better-for-you-candy??  UnReal uses real food ingredients, with NO artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives, hydrogenated oils or...

Swiss Chard Oshitashi

swiss chard oshitashi
The ultimate (cold) side dish. Swiss chard oshitashi is one of my favorite dishes.  It is typically found on Japanese menus made with spinach, but I like to alternate the dark leafy greens I use to switch up the flavors.  In this recipe, I am using Swiss Chard, but you can try it with spinach, kale, dandelion greens, or watercress.  They all work...

How Bad Is It To Eat After 8pm?

How bad is it to eat after 8pm
It’s not the when, but the what. Clients are often asking me how bad is it to eat after 8pm, nervous that it will throw their health goals off track.  Eating a late dinner will not make you gain weight.  However, that does not mean you should eat a big meal and then crawl right into bed. Eating too close...

5 Foods That Are Actually Making You Hungrier

foods that are actually making you hungrier
And how to do it a lot healthier! Chips/Pretzels:  These salty snacks definitely fall into the foods making you hungrier because their sodium content (170 grams per serving) can dehydrate you and confuse your body into thinking it is hungry when it is actually thirsty.  Plus, these snacks are low in protein and fiber, two things we need to satiate us. Pro...

Currently Craving Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter

pumpkin peanut butter
The pumpkin spice snack you need immediately It is the season of pumpkin flavored everything and I totally love it.  But finding an item that isn’t high in sugar is tricky.  That is why I am currently craving this Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter from Buff Bake.  It is packed with protein at 11 grams per serving, while only having 5...

6 ways you’re doing breakfast wrong

Breakfast sets the tone for your entire day’s eating style, so you want to make sure you’re doing it right.  Here are some breakfast tweaks to help get your day moving in a healthier direction. You don’t eat it.  Do not skip it. It jump-starts your metabolism so that you are running at full-speed and helps to curb your appetite throughout the day...

Nutriton Label Makeover

The FDA has just released new guidelines for food labeling, giving the nutrition label a makeover. Though food brands have until July 2018 to make these changes, they are already looking good!  So what should you be looking for? Sugar by another name: You will now see “added sugars” on the label under the sugar listing. Added sugars are those sneaky little things...

Cocoa-Matcha Energy Balls

cocoa-matcha energy balls
I am as much a matcha fan as I am a chocolate fan (i.e. HUGE), so these cocoa-matcha energy balls have been a great discovery from Panatea!  They are the perfect pairing of sweet and satisfying, making them my ultimate go-to treat for a snack or dessert.  And if the flavor combo isn’t enough of a sell, they really do serve up a nice...

Cauliflower Rice

This cauliflower rice is loaded in vegetables and packed with flavor!  It is the ultimate side dish to any chicken, steak or fish entree or even on it’s own for as a great snack.  This grain-free “rice” is made totally from vegetables and is packed with fiber, which will keep you full and satisfied.  You can even add in some scrambled eggs and have...

Currently Craving Victory Garden

currently craving victory garden
I came across this adorable gelato shop while wondering around the West Village last weekend, but I soon realized it was no ordinary soft-serve ice cream and left me currently craving Victory Garden.  Instead of using cow’s milk, this gelato is made with goat’s milk and after some very tasty sampling, I fell in love! You may be thinking, “goat’s milk?!?” but...