5 Foods That Are Actually Making You Hungrier

foods that are actually making you hungrier

And how to do it a lot healthier!

Chips/Pretzels:  These salty snacks definitely fall into the foods making you hungrier because their sodium content (170 grams per serving) can dehydrate you and confuse your body into thinking it is hungry when it is actually thirsty.  Plus, these snacks are low in protein and fiber, two things we need to satiate us. Pro tip: switch these packaged salty snacks out for homemade swaps like baked kale chips or these butternut squash fries, both are high in that filling-fiber and lower in salt.

Sushi: While often turned to as a healthy meal option, sushi can definitely backfire, making you hungrier than when you sat down.  The rolls are full of white rice (i.e. no fiber) and soy sauce is super high in sodium causing dehydration and that thirst/hunger confusion again.  Sushi can also be super calorie-packed despite it’s tiny size. Be mindful of choosing items like tempura (which means fried) or spicy (which means high-fat mayo), they add on calories without filling you up.  Pro tip: Start with a fiber rich salad, a filling miso soup, add in some sashimi pieces and if you want a roll, ask for brown rice and low-sodium soy sauce.  And easy on the sake!

Cereal: a double-whammy when it comes to keeping you hungry.  It is low in fiber and high in sugar, having you ravenous soon after eating it.  Swap it out for fiber-rich, unsweetened, hot oatmeal made with milk or soy milk for some added protein.  Then add 1/2 a cup of fresh berries to up the fiber factor and 1 tablespoon of raw almonds for some delicious crunch.  Pro tip: if you really cannot ditch your cold cereal then add a 1/2 cup of it to 6 ounces of plain Greek yogurt with that 1/2 cup of berries.

Snack bars: this on-the-go snack can not only leave you unsatisfied, but can also quickly unravel your health goals.  A lot of the bars out there contain sugar substitutes, triggering your body’s taste and reward system, but there is no actual “reward” since the substitute is an artificial flavor, leaving you in a very un-satietied state (#hangry).  Instead look for bars that have whole-foods listed as the first ingredients and contain at least 3 grams of fiber. For more do’s and don’ts when it comes to snack bar-ing this guide will help keep your diet on track.

Juice: regardless if it says, “no sugar added”, or “cold pressed”, it is still a concentrated amount of sugar.  A glass of juice will raise your blood sugar level quickly, leading to a crash later on, which will have you famished.  Instead, eat the whole fruit and get that filling fiber from the skin.  An even more satisfying option is to pair it with a protein, like a string cheese or some nut butter.  Pro tip: if juice is non-negotiable for you, then pour a dash of it into you club soda to satisfy your juicy craving while still avoiding the highs and lows of too much sugar.


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